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Xiaomi watch for children Mi Rabbit 3 4G

Mi Rabbit 3 4G

The watch has an AMOLED display with a diagonal 1,41 inch and 320 x XUMUM pixel resolution. To protect the watch from the child's lush imagination and numerous falls, Gorilla Glass has a third generation of glass protection. The edges have been rounded to obtain the 360D effect. It is equipped with Wi-Fi, 2,5G LTE and GPS to check where the child is currently located. Parents can define a safe zone, if a child with a wristwatch leaves it, they will receive a notification on their smartphone. Charging the battery takes only 4 minutes and will provide 10 hours in standby mode.

Mi rabbit 3 4G is not afraid of rain, it has a degree of IPX7 hermeticity. Children can have a watch on their hands even while swimming or bathing. The strap is made of hypoallergenic and skin-friendly TPU, there is no fear that the child will get a rash on his arm by wearing a watch. It is available in two colors, pink and blue.

Mi Rabbit 3 4G

The watch is equipped with a camera with 2 Mpx resolution, supported by artificial intelligence technology. Xiaomi on promotional graphics shows that the camera can easily recognize the plants and thus help the child to get to know the world better. There is another way out with things that Xiaomi's artificial intelligence can not handle. The child can send a photo to the parent with the subject that bothers them. The parent can also view the camera view on his smartphone through the application at any time.

Mi Rabbit 3 4G

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Just like all Xiaomi smart bands, this new Mi Rabbit 3 4G watch has a registered activity feature. In addition, it will work very well as an alarm clock, a music player. Xiaomi has a robot in her portfolio to read to children fairy tales, the watch also has this function. Includes 400 000 database of songs and cartoons.

Mi Rabbit 3 4G has been priced in China on 599 yuan, $ 88. Sales began today at 10 Chinese time. It is not known whether the watch will be sold outside China.