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Gadget on Youpin that soothes mosquito bites

Xiaomi has added a device to Youpin that will work well with friends or during a trip to the lake. The Konjac brand product allows you to "soften" the bites of mosquitoes and other insects. If after a mosquito bite you scratch for a few hours, this is the product for you. The device uses heat pulses that accelerate the decomposition of formic acid.

The Konjac device has dimensions 95 mm x 26 mm x 17 mm, weighs only 40g and is made of ABS material. It uses two AA batteries for the power supply (fingers). One set of batteries will allow 200 to relax.

The Konjac gadget to relieve bites has been priced in China at 99 yuan, $ 15. The product is now available on AliExpress., but at this point is $ 10 more expensive.

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