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Yeelight Candela - a candle of the XXI century with the eyes of Xiaomi.
yeelight candela
Yeelight is one of the companies in the Mi ecosystem that specializes in lighting. It is known for intelligent lamps, ceilings, stripes and bulbs. The latest product is Yeelight Candela. Xiaomi claims that it is a product of the 21st century, it is a modern variation of a thousand-year-old candle.

Candle of the XXI century

Yeelight advertises its product as born of the need for traditional candle light, but in a safe and modern way. It looks like a bedside lamp, it is also in the shape of a tube. The lampshade from milk to transparent has been changed and completely different LEDs have been used. The maximum power is 6W, it has a built-in battery with 2100mAh capacity, it is charged through a micro-USB socket. The battery is enough for 6 hours of maximum power.
xiaomi candle
The candle turns on very simply, just turn it. The candle connects with the Yeelight app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, you will not be able to create scenes with other Xiaomi devices.
W the application is the same as in the case of other light sources, there will be a few ready-made lighting modes to choose from: supper, sleeping, outside. There is also an option to connect several candles with each other, Xiaomi proposes to illuminate the way to the bedroom and to enrich the romantic life with the other half. And now the price, 219 Yuan or + - 33 $, I can see how many people will be happy to buy many such candles for over 100zł / pcs, to illuminate the road. 🙂
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