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Xiaomi intends to invest 725 millions of dollars to get closer to Huawei in China

The Bloomberg portal reports that Xiaomi intends to invest 5 billion yuan in the expansion of the Chinese retail network in the next three years. The vast majority of the money will be earmarked for expanding sales channels and rewards for partners and sales employees.

According to analysts, the sale of Huawei smartphones in the international arena will fall from 40 to 60% due to the sanctions imposed on the US government. Therefore, Huawei intends to focus on the local market, according to the information the Bloomberg portal reached: Huawei plans to acquire 50% of the Chinese smartphone market in the 2019 year.

Currently, Xiaomi is only on the 4 site for the sale of smartphones in China. A huge investment, 725 million dollars in three years is to improve the position on the domestic market. The target number is? The entrance has a podium, meaning reaching the third place.

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