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Xiaomi introduces a home playground that separates the child's territory from the rest of the room

A new product from the Beva company which manufactures children's products for Xiaomi has hit the market. In Poland, such a product is referred to as a playpen, I do not like this word and I prefer to use a home playground.

home playground

A home play area consists of separate elements connected to each other, you can adjust the size to fit the living room. In a quick way you can set the walls at the right angle. The next exact elements jump into the previous hinges thanks to which they ensure stability. At the bottom, suction cups are mounted so that the whole does not move.

7 playground

Made of HDPE plastic, it is safe and non-toxic for a child.

HDPE - One of the safer plastics. Packages with this designation are suitable for food storage and we can use them again without any problems. Used for the production of milk bottles, packaging for household chemicals, garbage containers and pipes.

5 playground

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You can choose sets from 10, 12, 14 or 16 elements. The price in China for 10 items is 449 yuan, $ 66. A set with twelve elements costs 499 yuan, $ 73. The two largest sets are 559 yuan, $ 82 for 14 parts and 619 yuan which corresponds to the amount of $ 91 dollars at the current rate for the largest set with sixteen elements. Soon the product should appear in stores offering import outside China.

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