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Xiaomi will soon conquer the US market, sent the message "Hello USA"

Rumors about Xiaomi and the United States have been circulating for several months. President Donald Trump is very reluctant to see Asian companies in his country, and even war against them. Xiaomi, after all, has probably found a way to bring its products to the market. This is evidenced by the activity of @XiaomiUSA on Twitter.

Xiaomi will soon conquer the US market

Xiaomi will soon conquer the US market

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This is great news for many fans of the brand. The Xiaomi M365 scooters are very popular in the states thanks companies that offer equipment rental on time, just like city bikes in Polish cities. Most likely, Xiaomi has found a partner in the US that will help bypassing rigorous regulations for Chinese companies. It remains to wait for more information, but one thing is for sure, Xiaomi is just around the corner.

In its news for the world, the Chinese giant informs that software and hardware must be consistent. Could the Xiaomi laptops enter the US market? Or maybe smartphones? Recently, Xiaomi attacked Samsung going to Koreanow it's time for Apple and USA. Do you have any guesses about starting Xiaomi in the United States?

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