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Xiaomi will enter the super saving mode, 10% battery is enough for 33 hours

Batteries are the biggest disadvantage in today's smartphones. Built-in cameras take better and better photos soon Samsung and Redmi will present the 100 Mpix lens. The computing power is also getting higher every year, I think many people have a stronger smartphone than a laptop. Despite the constant development, there is still one problem, the need to connect to charging every day, and some every other day. It is currently a technological problem that cannot be overcome.

Manufacturers of smartphones offer more and more charging power to shorten the time when we are "trapped on the cable". The latest flagship models load up to 100% in less than an hour, what if we don't have access to energy 24 hours a day? Xiaomi is working on a new feature in MIUI.

Super battery saving mode on Xiaomi smartphones. A battery charged in 10% will even last for an 33 hour!

MIUi super saver
Under the hour information is displayed how many hours the smartphone will be active ->
40% and 105 hours!

Xiaomi in its latest version of the MIUI system overlay has developed a super battery saving mode that deactivates most of the unnecessary functions and leaves only those most needed in an emergency. After activating the super battery saving mode, you will only be able to make calls, receive SMS messages and messages from some Weechat applications. Everything you need to contact your loved ones in an emergency. All applications running in the background will be deactivated, GPS location and vibrations will be turned off. The interface will also be changed to a less "power-hungry" one. This option will only be available on devices with an AMOLED screen.

Xiaomi ensures that thanks to the new function a battery that is only charged in 10% is enough even for 33 hours in super battery saving mode. In the photo above, the smartphone has a battery charged in 40%, and under the hour there is information that it will "last" 105 hours!

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