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Xiaomi WiFi Router 3C - Polish version [unpacking]

Xiaomi WiFi Router 3C

At home I have a Xiaomi HD router with 1 TB, it works perfectly. Management through the application is very convenient. Sitting on the train, you can paste the link and the router will automatically download files to your disk (even torrents work). After coming home, the file will be waiting for us. I have a Linksys router at work WRT54G, age-old classic. It works very slowly, I decided to replace it with a new one. Of course, the choice was Mi, Xiaomi WiFi Router 3C.

I made Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 specially for today's entry, and in the next few days I have reviewed "bezramkowca" from Xiaomi. Recent entries have been immortalized using the iPhone X.

Xiaomi WiFi Router EnglishXiaomi WiFi Router

Xiaomi WiFi Router

At last a breath of Europe

This is one of the few Xiaomi products that I have bought and have a European plug and instruction manual in English. Let as many things as possible.

Xiaomi WiFi RouterXiaomi WiFi Router 3C

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The Xiaomi budget router housing is made entirely of plastic.

Xiaomi WiFi RouterXiaomi WiFi Router 3CXiaomi WiFi Router 3CXiaomi WiFi Router

The router has two LAN ports 100Mbps. Unfortunately, only the 2.4GHz frequency is available. I already had Xiaomi router with the same appearance, but the Chinese edition and also supported the 5GHz frequency, I honestly did not even check how I ordered. I thought that this one also has, well, for the future you need to read the product description carefully.

Everyone praises the simplicity of configuring Apple routers, tomorrow it will show that Xiaomi also conifigans very simply through the application.

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