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Xiaomi is on the Fortune Global 500 list!

Xiaomi was founded only 9 years ago, despite the "young company" achieves excellent results. In 2019, Xiaomi Group has been added to the Fortune Global 500 list! Lei Juna is the youngest company among all 500 in this year's ranking.

Xiaomi's revenues have reached 26,44 billion dollars, while the net profit is 2,05 billion dollars. Such result translated into 468 place in the general ranking and 7 place in the category of Internet Services and Retailing.

[su_quote cite = "Lei Jun, Xiaomi Group CEO"] It only took us 500 years to appear on the Fortune Global 9 list. We owe it primarily to fans and people who use our solutions. All of them deserve a big thank you. We are also the youngest company in this year's ranking. It gives us strength to continue our global development.
Over the past year, we have made many changes to our development strategy in the areas of management, research and technology development systems, product offer and brand portfolio. This meant that Xiaomi is growing despite strong competition in the home and global market. The appearance on the list of Fortune Global 500 gives us even greater motivation for further development. This obliges us to create more interesting and increasingly innovative solutions that will be available to everyone. [/ Su_quote]

The following numbers speak for the strong position of Xiaomi: the fourth manufacturer of smartphones in the world (increase of 32,2% comparing year to year), leader of IoT devices (171 millions of devices connected to the network), number one on TV sales in China and India.

World Xiaomi takes 468 position, but recently reported about the rankings of Fortune China 500. On the domestic market, Lei Jun managed to get 53 positions in the ranking of the most profitable companies.

[su_quote cite = "Letter from Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun to employees and partners."] "Fortune" magazine has just published the latest 500 list of the most important companies in the world, Xiaomi on the list! Taking 468's position in the world, we are one of 7 companies in the "Internet and retail services" category and the youngest company on the Fortune 500 list in history (except for merged companies), only 9 years from its creation. This is an amazing achievement!
Sticking to a good product that is "moving people and having a good price" is the foundation of all our achievements. The company that appears on the list of the best 500 in the world, as well as the opening of a new campus in Beijing, is a double happiness.
We would like to thank all friends who believe in Xiaomi, support Xiaomi, help Xiaomi and encourage Xiaomi products.
Above all, we would like to thank our hundreds of millions of users and my fans around the world for their continued trust and constant encouragement.
Thanks to our partners, without their long-term support, Xiaomi will never change a small company with only 13 people.
Companies from the Global Fortune 500 list: thanks to our investors, they gave us valuable tolerance, patience and encouragement.
Even thanks to our partners and competitors, they are the best stone for sharpening Xiaomi's growth and the most powerful stimulus.
In the end, I would like to thank the companions who create the Xiaomi who are still fighting and the family members behind them.
500 the best in the world is an achievement that we have worked together for the past nine years.
We have 20 538 in total among our employees and partners of the main outsourcing services team and we have prepared a special memory:
We will give Xiaomi 1000 employees Xiaomi shares, of which 500 shares are commemorating every achievement of Fortune Global 500 and subsequent 500 shares, which are the memory for each employee and family of our partners, thank you for your support!
Because of such great gratitude, we can not stop, just move forward.
Fortune 500 is about the income scale.
It seems that at this time we have become a great company, but that does not mean that it is really strong, it does not mean greatness.
Since the inception of 9 years ago, we have proven that the Xiaomi model can be established and can take the place of the highest level of the global business community.
But we are not created for such success.
Then we have to go to size.
As the youngest company from 500 the best in the world, we have started operations at the highest world level.
Young is our place.
As long as we have a young "youthful heart", we have infinite enthusiasm, infinite possibilities and beliefs without fear, from past successes to great visions.
Xiaomi will become a great company!
[/ Su_quote]
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