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Xiaomi water heater with built-in quality tester

A few months ago I was describing a water heater Viomi. The device is good, but Xiaomi has presented an even better device. The new version is the work of Xiaolang company and has two significant improvements: TDS water quality meter and direct connection to water (eg 5L baniak), there is no need to pour water into the tank, as it was in the case of Viomi.

Xiaolang TDS is currently in the crowndyfind campaign and by 2 days collected 486% of the amount needed. 2 days remain until the end of the collection.

Dimensions of the new heater are 273 mm x 187 mm x 280 mm and weighs 1250g, the total power of the device is 2100W.

The installation of the device is fabulously simple. Plug the plug into the 230V socket, and the hose to the water source, eg 5 liter bottle. When we have it behind us, just press the button and after + -3 seconds we will receive hot water in the glass. There are five temperatures to choose from: room temperature, 40 degrees Celsius, 55 degrees Celsius, 85 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius. After pressing the button, the 250 or 500 water is added to the container, depending on our configuration.

As I mentioned, the Xiaolang device also has a TDS water quality control system. The water quality is displayed in real time on the display in the base of the device.

Xiaolang water heater with TDS quality meter was priced in China at 299 yuan, $ 44. Shipping to the first people will start on 29 August 2019 year.

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