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Xiaomi puts on IoT, a new product on average every 4 days

Two days ago, the Xiaomi conference and the presentation of new Mijia products took place. Definitely the majority of newly presented products (except for a pen and electric rolls) is connected to the Internet of things. IoT is an industry that is growing at an amazing pace, in contrast to smartphones for which the market has already saturated and the sale of phones is falling.

Xiaomi works hard to become the king of the IoT industry. Over the past two years they presented a new product on average every 4 days! In their portfolio they have products to satisfy almost every need, you can buy: air purifiers, water purifiers, lamps, TV sets, air conditioners, door locks, cameras, washing machines, refrigerators, intercoms, safes, switches, sockets, alarm clocks, curtain motors. almost everything!

During the Xiaomi CEO conference, Lei Jun said that "Mijia is a brand of smart devices of the future." I absolutely agree with him.

Nand on 31 March, the number of IoT Xiaomi devices connected to the network is as high as 171 million units, this is a result of 70% better than last year. This number really makes an impression, intelligent devices are becoming more and more popular. These are not only gadgets, but the equipment that helps in everyday life.

In my opinion, Xiaomi should work on two aspects: the introduction of global sales of all their products and resign from regional blockades. I have a Mijia air humidifier which I can not link with other devices because it can not be added to the Mi Home application with the Mainland China region, which is ...

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