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Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector - weather station with PM 2,5 sensor

Winter is coming, both in Poland and in China there will be a problem with the tragic air quality. Smog that floats in cities harms the health of citizens. It's no coincidence that Xiaomi air cleaners sell so well, the problem is big. Xiaomi presented a weather station that includes an air quality meter. Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector hit the crowdfunding platform. 12 days remain until the end of financing and during this time the new device collected 251% of the amount needed.

Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector

The weather station was created by Qinqping Technology Beijing Co., Ltd.. It is ideally suited for placing on a desk or bedside table. In addition to standard sensors showing temperature and humidity, the Xiaomi station can measure PM 2,5, tVOC and carbon dioxide.

Xiaomi guarantees the measurement accuracy of the sensors used. The PM 2,5 meter was developed by Hanwang, and the other sensors responsible for temperature, humidity, tVOC and carbon dioxide by Sensirion, whose headquarters is in Switzerland.

Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector

Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector is not only a gadget, but a very nice device. Equipped with an 3.1 diagonal screen with an 328 ppi pixel density screen. The twilight sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to the ambient conditions. In addition, it has a fifteen-degree adjustment of the angle of inclination.

The device has Wi-Fi, connects to the router at home. If you have Xiaomi equipment at home, you can create scenes between the weather station and, for example, an air purifier to increase the speed.

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The Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector weather station has been priced in China for 599 junny, $ 86. Shipping to the first customers will not start until November 28.

Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector

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