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Xiaomi presents a washer-dryer under its Mijia brand

Xiaomi wants to make life easier for his fans in every aspect of it, even in these unattractive activities. I doubt that doing laundry is a pleasure. That is why tomorrow a new Mijia washer-dryer will be available for sale, the Chinese giant's ecosystem already includes washing machines, but mainly Viomi brands.

Xiaomi presents a washer-dryer under its Mijia brand

Xiaomi presents a washer-dryer under its Mijia brand

Due to the large capacity, it is intended for the whole family. The washing capacity is 10 kg, and the drying capacity is 6 kg. In order to reduce water consumption, it has an algorithm that automatically weighs the laundry and selects an adequate amount of water, for which we have to pay more for water. In terms of electricity consumption, the washing machine has the energy efficiency class A +.

It is equipped with a BLDC brushless motor due to which the washing process is quiet and more economical, the maximum speed is 1400 revolutions per minute. The hot air drying technology allows you to dry several pieces of clothing at the same time, while achieving a temperature of up to 95 degrees Celsius. Thanks to that it is able to kill 99,9% of bacteria, it will help allergy sufferers.

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The Mijia washer-dryer offers up to 21 washing programs, the whole can be managed from the panel on the washing machine or using a smartphone. Yes, it is equipped with Wi-Fi and connects to the Mi Home application. Thanks to that you can create scenes with other devices. The only scene that comes to my mind is the flashing of the light bulb / LED strip in the living room when the laundry is finished.

Mijia washer-dryer was priced at 1999 yuan, $ 290. The sale will start tomorrow at 14 Chinese time, I wonder if it will achieve the same success like the new Mijia radiator.

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