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Xiaomi presents a new Mijia humidifier, sensational price

Recently, one of the readers wrote in a comment that Xiaomi presents too many products of other brands, and too little under its own name. Today, Xiaomi presented the Mijia air humidifier. The price is sensational, below $ 40.

The dimensions of the Mijia humidifier are 190 mm x 190 mm x 353 mm, and the weight is 1,9 kg without water. The capacity of the water tank is 4,5l. The device generates little noise during operation at the 38 dB level. The power consumption is 25W.

Appropriate humidity in the home reduces the risk of respiratory infections and prevents irritation of the throat and skin. The humidity level drastically decreases during the heating period, fall / winter. That is why I suggest that during this period you check with the help of a hygrometer how much% is in your apartment.

The Mijia humidifier uses UV-C technology, i.e. ultraviolet radiation for internal cleaning of water in the tank. UV-C light kills micro-harmful substances. Due to the fact that it is a Mijia product, integration with the Mi Home application could not be missing. The humidifier is "smart" and you can create scenes with other devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem. e.g. thermometers.

The Mijia air humidifier has been priced in China on 249 yuan, $ 36.

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