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Xiaomi presents a new, fast wireless charger

A new charger for wireless charging of smartphones has been added to the Youpin offer. Beijing Ai Wo Technology Co. is responsible for the product. You can use it to charge Xiaomi smartphones: Mi Mix 2s, Mi Mix 3 and third-party smartphones that support induction charging.

Xiaomi presents a new, fast wireless charger

Xiaomi presents a new, fast wireless charger

The loader is characterized by a vertical dock. Its natural environment is placed next to the computer, so that you will be able to see every notification on a regular basis. The casing was made of aluminum, not cheap plastic, which will soon be destroyed. The charger is universal, it charges with the power of 5W, 7,5W and 10W. The charging power depends on the technology that your smartphone supports. The charger weighs 265 gram, from the back has a USB-C socket.

Xiaomi Wireless Charger Xiaomi Wireless Charger

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The charger has been priced in China for 249 yuan, $ 36. It is already available for sale and should soon appear in stores offering shipping outside of China.