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Xiaomi presents an interactive whiteboard under the Mijia brand

"Back To School" uses this advertising slogan many companies at the turn of August / September, which is the beginning of the new school year. Xiaomi Polska also in the Back to School offer adds a backpack with free gifts to every Mi 9T or M365 scooter you buy.

The new product presented today by Xiaomi can also be very helpful in everyday learning. You can draw on the Mijia interactive whiteboard, and when you press the button on the housing, the whiteboard is empty again. On the side is a special slider that deactivates the clean button to not accidentally delete content.

The Mijia interactive whiteboard is available in two screen sizes: the S model has 10 inches, and the L model has a 13,5 inch screen. The smaller model has the dimensions 173 mm x 244 mm x 7 mm, and the larger model is 225 mm x 318 mm x 7 mm. Both screens are LCD panels. The set includes a very light stylus / pen that weighs only 7g. The tablet distinguishes three stylus pressure forces, you can draw both thin and thick lines. The device is powered by a CR2032 battery, the cost in Poland is about 4 PLN. Xiaomi declares that one battery is enough for a year of daily use of the interactive whiteboard.

The Mijia interactive whiteboard has been priced in China at 49 yuan for the cheapest model. In dollars terms it is $ 7. Shop Banggood has already added tables to his offer, there is also a rebate code BGXMWT (Model S costs $ 17 + free shipping to Poland.) In China, the new product sells brilliantly, in just hours and 40 minutes over 2 millions of people have booked an interactive whiteboard.

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