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Xiaomi presented a mini voice recorder with AI, from sound to text document!

An intelligent voice recorder has been added to the Xiaomi sales platform called Youpin that is able to convert a conversation or lecture into a text document. Discover the latest creation from Shanghai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The device has the dimensions 70 mm x 19 mm x 12,7 mm and weighs only 18g. In order to communicate with a smartphone, the voice recorder uses Bluetooth version 5.0 BLE. Recordings can be saved to the built-in mass storage which is 16 GB or use the cloud. The voice recorder works with Alibaba Cloud, which is the owner of Aliexpress. The Alibaba cloud offers the option of storing 120 hours of recordings for free. Built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 300 mAh, if discharged, should be charged via a USB type C socket.

As I mentioned in the title, it is an intelligent voice recorder that listens to conversations and is able to create a document from them. Perfect solutions for students and journalists, all you need is an AI recorder and a smartphone. The microphone collects voices and sends them to our smartphone which processes the sound in the application and creates a text file + audio source recordings. The microphone only supports Chinese and English.

AI recorder has been priced in China at 199 yuan, $ 29. The product is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. It started today, and 13 days are left until the end of the collection, but the new product has already collected 167% of the amount needed. Shipping to the first customers will start 28 August 2019, just in time for the new academic year.

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