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Xiaomi Mitu Mini RC Drone - answer for DJI Tello

Xiaomi Mitu Mini RC Drone

Drone mani continues. Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on semi-professional drones that will be used once a month or in my case even less often. DJI, a leading company on the drone market, also saw a place on the market for cheap, small but also drone-packed drones. By launching DJI Tello for $ 99, it's time for a mini drone from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mitu Mini RC DroneXiaomi Mitu Mini RC Drone

The drone only weighs 88g and has the size of 11 centimeters, just as the DJI product is very mobile. The bottom of the drone has a lot of ventilation holes to ensure adequate cooling during the flight. The drone was made of propylene and the propellers were made of fiberglass to provide greater strength.

The Xiaomi mini drone is equipped with 4-core processor clocked at 1,2Ghz to process all sensor data. The drone connects to the smartphone via a Wi-Fi signal with the frequency 5.8Ghz. The maximum distance declared for it to fly is 50m, and the height 25m. Tracks the live image in 720P quality. It has 4GB internal memory for recording recordings also in 720P quality or photos in 1600 x XUMMX px resolution. The battery has a capacity of 1200mAh, Xiaomi Miti Mini RC Drone can fly to 920 minutes on a single battery.

Just like the DJI product, Xiaomi also can start from the palm of your hand. In addition, it has many modes that control eg "headles". It is also useful to record point shots. We set the drone camera to look at the selected point, then we can fly in different directions, and still regardless of this the camera image will be all the time directed in one point.

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The price for a drone in China is 399 yuan, $ 63. Tomorrow will be available for sale, ie 26 April. In popular online stores, pre-sales are in progress.

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