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Xiaomi Mijia Small Silent AI Camera - a new way to take a selfie.

Xiaomi Mijia Small Silent AI Camera

Xiaomi already has many cameras in its offer. Recently presented on the crowdfunding platform another, it is the smallest camera in the Chinese giant's portfolio. Xiaomi Mijia Small Silent AI Camera has broken the record and has become the most supported product among cameras, achieving financing at 1300%. What's special? Gesture control, the ability to attach on virtually any surface.

Xiaomi Mijia Small Silent AI Camera is made by Xiaomo, it is a new company that enters already a long list of Xiaomi partners. What is the new product to conquer the market? The camera is to change our habits, how we do selfie and group photos. The product is aimed at striking young people.

The Xiaomo product is a small, independent camera that despite its small size has very interesting features. Dimensions are 47 x 47 x 27 mm, and 65g weight. It fits easily in your pocket and we can take with you everywhere. The set includes two parts, a camera and a special pad to attach the camera on many surfaces. The bottom of the camera has a magnet that "attracts" the base. The brain of the Xiaomo product is the quad-core SoC Cortex A53 processor with 1,35 GHz clocking. And with the eyes, the lens that was provided by Samsung, has 13 MPX and the f / 2.2 shutter. The built-in memory is 8GB, in addition, it can be extended with a microSD card. The battery has a capacity of 910mAh and allows for 2 recording hours or 3,5 hours of standby, waiting for our gestures. The battery charging time is up to three hours.

The magic of gestures

Xiaomi Mijia Small Silent AI Camera, of course, has a dedicated application to control the camera, connects via Wi-FI but there is a better way to control and take pictures. The camera can detect movement, recognize the face and most importantly gestures!

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Xiaomi Mijia Small Silent AI Camera has been priced at 349 yuan, 55 dollars. We count less than PLN 10,000 for us. Large stores have noticed how rage the camera and the shop are stirring Gearbest already has a pre-order camera. It should be available at the end of April.

Xiaomi Mijia Small Silent AI Camera check the lowest price.

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