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Xiaomi Mijia Hey becomes a hit, 10 000 sold in a few hours

The new bracelet from Xiaomi is a product that nobody expected, after presenting Mi Band 3 I did not think that the Chinese giant would decide to present a deceptively similar band under a different name. Xiaomi Mijia Hey during the financing sold in the 10 000 number units in less than 10 hours.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey

The new headband will have a full-color AMOLED screen with a diagonal 0,95 inch. For comparison, the Mi Band 3 has "only" 0,78 in. Mijia Hey is also very light, only 20g. He can display all the same options as Mi Band, but in a nicer, colorful form. In addition, it allows you to control the Mi Home platform.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey

For Chinese people, it will provide even more benefits, it can be used as a payment tool thanks to the integrated NFC. It will also work as a communication card providing access to public transport.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey

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A big plus for Mi Banda 3 is the changed charging method, at last you do not have to pull the lozenge to push into the charging line. The charging dock is attached from the back, it has a battery with the 120 mAh capacity, which is enough for 18 days. With Xiaomi Mijia Hey you can swim and dive to 50 meters.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey becomes a hit

In the film, you can see how the new product looks like, will it be the same hit as Mi Band 3? The financing platform has already won the new band, no product has reached this level. Xiaomi Mijia Hey is already available in the store, according to the information on the site, shipped in less than a week. On

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