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Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone - proved to be a sales hit

XIAOMI MI VR STANDALONE31 May Xiaomi at the conference in Shenzen presented 6 to the world. The newest goggles for the virtual reality Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone aroused the least interest, but they were very much sought after by customers. In the first pool to 100 sold thousands of copies and sold out in just four minutes. Xiaomi is aiming at a million pieces, so much they intend to sell. Recently, this number, one million units sold, has reached the device Xiaomi rice cooking.

Xiaomi Mi VR standalone

A big advantage of the new goggles is the fact that they are self-sufficient, they do not need anything to act. You do not need to put your smartphone inside, no need to connect the cable. Built-in WiFi allows you to connect to the virtual world. All the necessary components were stuffed inside, and not just any. The processor is popular Snapdragon 821 to ensure adequate computing power. Two versions are available, differ only in internal memory. The price for the 32GB version is 1499 yuan or $ 234, the more capacious 64GB version costs 1799 yuan, $ 280. The battery has a 2600 mAh capacity. To guarantee customers the best product Xiaomi invited the Oculus company to cooperate with the product which specializes in creating VR goggles. It has existed on the market since the 2012 year, it deals exclusively with virtual reality. The optical system has been designed by Oculus and provides virtual reality in 2K quality with the 72Hz refresh rate.

The only VR goggles I've ever had on my face are Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR Headset. I put it on once, now rest in a closet. They are not worth any money, the image quality is too low. I'm happy to check a more advanced product.

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Xiaomi Mi VR standalone

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