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Xiaomi Radio Online - a mini radio with a touch panel.

Xiaomi Radio Online

Xiaomi Radio Online is a small device that allows you to listen to traditional radio or music streaming from your smartphone in wireless technology. The radio does not have a built-in battery, it must be permanently connected to the 5V power supply. Just use the charger from the phone, plug in the computer's USB port or you can apply powerbank. How does Mini Radio Online work from the Chinese producer Xiaomi?

I ordered Xiaomi Radio Online for around 20 $ in the Gearbest store. To operate the radio you need a smart home from Xiaomi. I received the package in less than four weeks. In the middle of the box you will find a Radio, a micro USB-USB cable for connecting to the radio. The speaker is MONO. The radio has the dimensions 8,3 x 8,3 x 5 cm. Weight almost 170 gr. RMS 2W. The radio has one button that allows you to move between the stations up / down. There is also an invisible touch panel on the top of the device allowing you to control the volume and to temporarily stop playback and resume. The diode on the back of the casing indicates whether the device is powered.

Xiaomi Radio Online

Xiaomi Radio Online

Xiaomi Radio Online

Xiaomi Radio Online

Present how the process of pairing the radio on the Android system looks like.

Xiaomi, I have a radio
Manual pairing of the radio
xiaomi smart radio
Radio reset
xiaomi mi radio
The process of evaporation

Connect Xiaomi Radio to the outlet. We enable the Mi home application. The product should find itself as a new one, a notification will pop up on the phone. If not, we add the product from the list by pressing the Add button in the upper right corner. If the screen of the smartphone shows a message like in the middle picture, reset the device by pressing the button with the help of a pin to pull the sim cards, which is located next to the Micro SIM slot. We give the password to Wifi and after a while the radio is paired with our phone. We have the option to set it as a separate shortcut on the desktop in your phone or enable it from the Mi home application in the product list. By default, the radio can play only Chinese radio stations. To hear our local stations we have to comply to this guide. It involves changing DNS in a router or phone with ROOT, as long as it is the only possibility to hear Polish radio stations.

Moving around the menu, we look for our own station and add it as a favorite. Going back to the main page of the application, we can see the added stations. We can switch between them in the application or through the red button on the housing. Down the station next up up the station. The touch panel works as a volume increase / decrease. From left to right, we pass a finger and make it louder. Quieter, from right to left. Taping in the middle of the panel makes us Pauza. Repeating is Play. The same can be done in the application. In the application, we can also set the timer, radio on time.

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Xiaomi Mi Radio
On / off indicator in the Mi Home application

Xiaomi Mi Radio also works as an external speaker through the Airplay service, we need an MI phone for operation. Then our music from the phone is played on the device. We do not disconnect the radio from the power supply, it must always be connected to Wifi. We close them by moving the on / off indicator in the application or press on the touch panel.

For now, the product from Xiaomi seems like a regular radio, so what makes Smart?

We can connect the radio to e.g. Smart Switchem to turn on / off (Play, Pause), next / previous station, louder / quieter without the phone. I have set up as Play / Pause on 1 click and it works well. I have a set in the bathroom and when I want to listen to Radio taking a bath I turn it on. We can also connect Radio with motion sensor. The detected motion activates the Radio. If we set the radio to this scene in the bathroom, every entrance to the bathroom at night can wake up roommates. Unless you set a timer to work at specific times.

xiaomi mi radio
available options when creating scenes
mi home smart radio
Sample configuration
xiaomi smart radio
Polish radio stations
xiaomi smart radio
Radio interface


I think that for about 20 $ we get a good-looking device, from good materials, to listen to music at home, for example, a bathroom or a bedroom. We will not make a disco at home because this product is not made for it. The ability to create scenes, for example, automatically turn on the radio when we enter the room and turn off if traffic is not detected by 5 min. It must be remembered that we must have a Smart Gateway from Xiaomi to make the device work.

I bought Xiaomi Radio Online in the store for around 20 USD.

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