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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 after 60 days - hit or putty?

I was waiting for the premiere of Mi Mix 3 a few months, I followed the rumors on a regular basis. I wanted something new, I was charmed by the lack of notch and the use of a slider in which the front lenses are hidden. I thought it would be a breath of freshness on the boring smartphone market. What changed after two months with the newest frameless Xiaomi?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Mi Mix 2S and Mi 8 - three musketeers with the same interior

I stated that I will not focus on the Mi Mix 3 specification. It is practically the same as in Xiaomi Mi 8 which I described a few months ago. In a sense, Mi Mix 3 is a reheated chop when we look at components. The processor and the rear camera are exactly the same as in the Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S. There is wireless charging, but the older Mi Mix 2S also has this function. The opposite is true if we look at the screen, Mix 3 and Mi 8 have AMOLED, and Mi Mix 2S only IPS. Contactless payments, i.e. the NFC module, have all three of the above-mentioned models.

Mi Mix 3 is a complete, but practical smartphone?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has everything that is missing from Mi 8 or Mi Mix 2S. In the aspect of selfies, it has an advantage over them a dual camera that extends along with the housing. Xiaomi decided to use a manual slider mechanism. Before I got a smartphone from China, I thought it would be perfect. For the first days, it also caused a lot of joy. I moved the case sometimes, not even necessary to "take time". It was similar with the spinnery frenzy, it made no sense and people were turning and it is just as much as opening up the Mi Mix 3 housing. The spinners' time has passed, they just get bored and the slider in the framer of the Chinese gig is waiting. After a dozen or so days you will stop using it. You will not be using the front camera to unlock the screen and the fingerprint reader on the back. The same as in the other two, the basic version of Mi 8 and Mix 2S.

The use of the slider resulted in more weight and a thicker casing. Take a look at these parameters:

A dozen or so grams and a tenth of a millimeter is probably not much, but it really makes a difference. Feel it in the hands and in the pocket of jeans, where the large thickness of the Mi Mix 3 is particularly disturbing. Xiaomi Mi 8 could be comfortably worn in trousers, Mi Mix 3 I do not recommend.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is incredibly fast, has a great AMOLED screen, a top camera and a powerful battery

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is the most powerful smartphone presented by the Chinese giant in 2018 year. It is also one of the best among all manufacturers. The screen really makes an impression, especially when watching movies. In the set there are two chargers wired and wireless which is a big plus, nice that the manufacturer remembers about such a special. You have to answer one question, is it worth adding + -125 $ to Mi 8 and buy Mi Mix 3.

My 8 it has two disadvantages: no wireless charging and no notch that does not bother me personally. It's nice if it was not there, but how is the tragedy gone. The buttons at the bottom would annoy me, I always change to gestures. Notch at the top in the notification icons? Let there be no loss.

Mi Mix 3 it also has two disadvantages: thickness and weight. I wear smartphones always in trousers and this effectively discouraged me to Mi Mix 3. If it was different, I would be very pleased with it. Let me mention once again the sliding housing. It seems great, I thought so too but with time I stopped using it and used the smartphone as if it was not there.

I ordered my copy of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 for testing in the store I chose the Priority Line shipping option, which ensures no additional collection fees (vatu).

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