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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone - best in its class

Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone (LYXQEJ01JY)

More than year ago I tested the first Xiaomi wireless headphones targeted at active people. In short, it was a very weak product, it definitely did not deserve to have the Mi logo. The time has come for the next generation, Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone. Often appearing under the name LYXQEJ01JYXiaomi definitely did her homework.

Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone (LYXQEJ01JY)

Together with the headphones in the set, we get 3 pairs of rubber caps of various sizes + 1 pair fitted at the factory. Everyone should adjust the size suitable for their ears. In addition, there is also a charging cable and instruction manual. The product is available in two colors, black and gray.

Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone
Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

The headphones are made of a combination of rubber and good quality plastic. They are finished matte, so there will be no scratches on them as if this were done with a high gloss finish. They have a built-in microphone, conversations run without a problem. The people I spoke to did not notice the difference between the AirPods and the Xiaomi headphones. They connect with a smartphone using the 4.1 bluetooth version. Like a trifle, but the magnet at both ends is very practical. It works perfectly when we have headphones on our neck, but we do not listen to music at the moment.

Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone (LYXQEJ01JY)

Button control

using three buttons that are on the left side, you can perform 9 different actions.

The first button from the right:

  • pressing and holding 3 for one second - switching on the headphones / switching on the Bluetooth pairing mode
  • single press - stop / resume playback
  • press and hold 3 for one second when the device is on - turn off the headphones
  • when a paired smartphone rings, pressing the button will answer the call
  • when a paired smartphone rings, pressing and holding the button will reject the call

Middle button:

  • pressing - decrease the volume by 1
  • pressing and holding for one second - song from the previous / previous one

Left button:

  • pressing - increase the volume by 1
  • pressing and holding for one second - next song

Next to the buttons there is a LED, informs about the Bluetooth pairing status, low battery level. It also lights when the headphones are connected to charging.


Wyposażone zostały w akumulator o pojemności 137 mAh, która zapewnia do 8 godzin odtwarzania muzyki lub 200 godzin w trybie gotowości. Charging takes place via the micro USB port behind the end cap. Full charging takes two hours. Plus, there is the possibility of suspecting the percentage of battery using a smartphone.

Sound quality

I only listened to music through the default settings on the iPhone, I did not use any equalizer. Sound quality for me very good, clean. Definitely better than AirPods from Apple, which I use on a daily basis. The basses are, but the Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone does not have artificially conquered bass as it is in Beats products. Sebix and fans of the Dub dub will probably be disappointed, as it is good for me. As it should be. Even at the maximum volume, the headphones keep a clear sound. Both low and high tones.

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The headphones do not emit a lot of noise around when using. The next person in the library will hear, but in everyday situations, you can listen to the city traffic without Akcent's concern. By Your Green Eyes and people will not look at you strangely. The isolation of the environment is very good, they do not have active noise reduction, but when we turn on the music evenly, we will not hear people around.

Ease of use

Sport headphones are mainly dedicated to runners, in this matter the new Xiaomi product will work very well. The neckband is very comfortable. It's almost impossible to feel it's on the back of the neck, the whole thing weighs only 40g. I used the LYXQEJ01JY headphones for 2 hours and my ears did not hurt. While running, the headphones did not fall out, the rubber bands did not protrude from the ears as in the previous edition. I used the headphones also in the gym, during squeezing, deadlift, all bends will work very well. I have no objections, only during squats disturb because they stay on the back. You can always lower the barbell.


If I bought the previous generation of headphones, I advised against to I recommend the new version. I currently have AirPodsy, BeoPlay H8 and LYXQEJ01JY at home. If I had to decide which are the best for me guided by the sound quality / comfort of use, then I would choose Airpods. Only and off, because their convenience of use compensates for worse sound. If Apple would not show Airpods, I would be very much satisfied with Xiaomi headphoneswhich are 3x cheaper. In my opinion, these are the best headphones you can buy for around $ 60. The only minus is messages during pairing that are in Chinese.

Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphone are available in the store