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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 unpacking

When I found the opportunity to buy the latest Mi Band 4 wristband for + - 100 PLN, I ordered it immediately. I opted for the CN version, I decided not to wait for Global for two reasons. The first is the price, the global version is more expensive. The second reason is the time I wanted to have as soon as possible.

I ordered the armband 17 June in China, I chose free shipping. Today, to my surprise, after 10 days from the order, the postman brought a bubble envelope with Mi Band. Very good time for shipping AliExpress Standard Shipping.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has the same box design as the newer Mi Band 3. First models Mi Band 3 they had a square box with a transparent top. I liked the older box much more, it was more minimalistic, and in the new graphic design more and more content and less product.

In the box with the Mi Band 4 you will find traditionally a charging cable and user manual.

After pulling out of the box, I noticed one disadvantage of Mi Band 4. While watching the conference on which Xiaomi presented the new generation, I noticed the shift of the charging contacts, from the side to the back of the band. I thought that thanks to this there will be no need to pull a "pill" from the silicone band to recharge, unfortunately it is not so beautiful. To recharge the Mi Band 4 you still have to pull it out of the silicone wristband and attach it to the "dock"It's a pity.

The Chinese version of the Mi Band 4 has an English interface when the system language on the smartphone is set to English.

Tomorrow I will share with you the impressions after 24 hours with the band. At this time Apple Watch litter in his pocket to close the wheels and complete the challenge of the month.

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