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Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro / Explorer Edition receive the Game Turbo mode from Mi 9

The new flagship Mi 9 has introduced the Game Turbo mode which improves the operation of the phone during the virtual game. The goal is one: get the highest and stable amount of FPS during the game. For this purpose, unnecessary processes are killed.

During the game, the dynamic algorithm adjusts the frequency of the processor depending on the load generated by the game. The processor will work at a lower frequency when it is less charged, so that the battery lasts longer. When the game dynamics increase and the screen has more effects, the computing power will increase.

Game Turbo with Mi 9

Another important aspect in the new mode is optimal work management. This is best shown in the chart and comparison of Mi 9 with Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The Xiaomi flagship is able to work all the time on high performance, there are no FPS jumps as in the case of the Huawei flagship model.

Game Turbo with Mi 9

Ping as important as computing power

Network games in which we face other people are the most popular in the world. Game Turbo mode also manages Wi-Fi / 4G. It reduces bandwidth for processes that are unnecessary during the game. There will be no updates, backups, sending photos to the cloud - all to make the PING in the game as low as possible.

Xiaomi decided to introduce a new Game Turbo mode to the older Mi 8 Pro / Explorer Edition. In the next order, the new function will go to the following models: Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S and Mi Mix 3.

Game Turbo with Mi 9
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