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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 with reverse charge wireless?
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One of the latest trends on the smartphone market is the ability to wirelessly charge other devices when we put them on the back of the phone. In this trend, it seems to write Xiaomi with the upcoming Mi Mix 4.

XDA Junior Member kackskrz from Xiaomi.EU custom MIUI said he found references to reverse wireless charging in the last MIUI bets. This is quite strong evidence that Xiaomi will implement this feature in at least one of the upcoming smartphones, most likely Mi Mix 4. XDA adds that the feature will be "disabled automatically when loading will not start within 90 seconds". This behavior is designed to protect the phone battery from rapid discharging.

Xiaomi product manager Wang Teng Thomas also mentioned earlier that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will get faster wireless charging than the Mi 9. Talking about the power of charging at 20 watts. This solution allows charging at a speed comparable to wired charging.

We do not know the exact release date of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, but it is said to be around 2019 on September. We are very curious about the upcoming smartphone and we can not wait for its premiere, and you?

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