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Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football is the ball of the 21st century

Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football

Is it a coincidence that Xiaomi presents football on the crowdfunding platform on the starting day of the World Cup? I do not think so. There are also a few entries related to the World Cup on Xiaomi's social profiles. Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football, at first glance, it's just a ball, but it has intelligence in it. The product has already reached 108% on a crowdfunding platform.

Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football

The ball is available in two sizes, 4 and 5. Four is dedicated to younger football enthusiasts, whose age does not exceed 12 years. The circumference is 635-660 mm, 370g weight, available in two colors: yellow and blue. For older players, Xiaomi offers a five-size ball. The circuit of the larger version is 680 - 700 mm, and the weight of 440g. There is only one blue color version, with white elements. Visible in the picture below.

Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football

Xiaomi ball, like most of the currently produced balls is not sewn, but thermally bonded, welded. Made of PU leather resistant to abrasion, while the lining is made of butyl, meeting the standards required by the regulations of the largest football organization in the world, FIFA.

Intelligent ball

This is what distinguishes the Xiaomi ball from the competition intelligent chip and sensors inside. They record the strength of impact, position, trajectory and rotation. It also includes a virtual trainer. The user can set up to three levels of difficulty and run fourteen advanced training programs, and at the end of the training session the application will assess how we managed with each exercise. By putting an adequate number of stars. The application will also present weak points, we will get information about what needs to be improved in order to become a better player.

Social features

Thanks to dedicated applications for iOS and android, you can challenge your friends, conduct juggling or dribbling competitions. The results of each person will be presented in the table, everyone wants to be at the top. Another option in the application is the ability to record movies in real time associated with statistics related to the movement, dribble.

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Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football

The ball has base for wireless charging. 30 charging minutes will allow you to use smart balls for three hours. Full charge allows you to 7 game hours and up to 40 days in standby mode.

Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football was priced at 299 yuan, $ 46. Shipping to the first customers will start just before the end of the World Cup, 10 in July.

Xiaomi Insait Joy Smart Football

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