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Xiaomi has added a gadget on Youpin to support office competition! Check your strength

For many years, you can buy stress balls or other squeeze gadgets to "unload anger." Mark Yunmai selling products on the Xiaomi sales platform called Youpin decided to create a 21st century anti-stress ball.

The Yunmai anti-stress gadget is available in two sizes. For the smaller hand is a mini model with dimensions 68 x 42 x 43,4 mm and weight 63g. The larger model has the dimensions 82 x 50 x 52 mm and weighs 104g. The device is made of soft plastic and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth in the 5.0 version. The built-in battery allows for only 10 minutes of fun. Poor result, maybe it is a special service on the part of Yunmai not to pull the employee away from the desk for too long. Only temporary relaxation and release of tension.

In the application, we can see the pressure with which we squeeze the Yunmai product. A nice way to check who has the strongest hand in the office. The application has extensive social features and allows you to create a tournament to compete with other friends who will also order the ball. In addition to displaying pressure forces, the application also has mini games in which the rate of ball squeezing is important.

The stress ball Yunmai has been priced in China at 99 yuan, $ 14 and is available in three colors: gray, green and pink. The product has been in a crowdfunding campaign for two days, during this time it has collected 514 750 yuan, $ 72 540 which is 260% of the amount needed. Twelve days remain to the end of the collection. Shipping to the first people will start 12 October 2019 year.

I order! 🙂

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