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Xiaomi Carrobot HUD or Head Up Display for every car

Do you want to feel like a fighter pilot? Or maybe security issues speak for you? Thanks to Carrobot HUD, you will have important parameters while driving, all the time before your eyes, without the need to look, for example, on the smartphone screen and navigation.

The Head Up Display function is now available in medium and high class cars. More expensive models have information displayed directly on the windshield, and in the cheaper cars a special fast is pulled out. This solution is in my car and Carrobot HUD is the same.

Carrobot HUD is today's novelty that Xiaomi added to the Youpin platform. The gadget for the car is currently in the crowdfunding campaign and for a few hours collected 625% of the required amount, until the end of the collection there are still 13 days.

Place the HUD Carrobot on the dashboard. On the transparent glass you can check the current speed of the car, fuel level, navigation information and other parameters useful for the driver. The device should be connected to the OBD socket in the car in order to have access to the car parameters. HUD can also be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, so that the device can be used as a voice assistant.

The Carrobot HUD casing is made of a combination of polycarbonate and ABS which is resistant to high temperatures. As you well know, in the heat that we currently have in Poland is a dashboard and all the gadgets on it are exposed to a very high temperature, the product Carrobot works properly to the temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius.

The device has been also equipped with a light sensor, it will select the appropriate brightness to the conditions prevailing around. Maximum in the daytime and minimal in the night. Brightness can also be adjusted in a dedicated application.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD was priced in China at 399 yuan, $ 58. Shipping to first customers will begin on 14 on July, 2019 year.

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