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Xiaomi Bedside Lamp WiFi - wake up at sunrise

Xiaomi Bedside Lamp WiFi

The Xiaomi brand hits the Polish homes, many people have an air purifier or vacuum cleaner signed with the Mi logo. The Chinese giant has very good quality products at a relatively low price. The products confirming this thesis is the aforementioned vacuum cleaner, purifier or smartphones that are half cheaper than the flagships of other well-known brands. The company works dynamically in the lighting industry. It has intelligent ceiling lights, bulbs, LED strip, night light and even a "modern candle". Most products related to lighting are signed with the Yeelight sub-brand. A few times it happened that I ended up sleeping and at the last minute realizes that I did not turn off the light in the room. You have to get up again to turn it off. In this situation, with the help of an intelligent Xiaomi night light, which we can control using a smartphone, I think that many Poles of the younger generation put the phone at hand before going to bed. Remote shutdown is one of many possibilities offered by Xiaomi Bedside Lamp WiFi.

16 millions of colors to choose from

The lamp is equipped with RGB led OSRAM, it is a leading company in the lighting market. Diode power is 10W, we can freely control the color temperature in the range from 1700K - 6500K. The device has two buttons on the top and a touch panel. They are used to manually turn the device on / off, change the color and dimming by moving your finger around the cylindrical casing.

Xiaomi Bedside Lamp WiFi

We'll see the possibilities when we take a smartphone

yeelight app
yeelight app

Xiaomi Bedside Lamp WiFi should be paired with the Yeelight application, it will be automatically connected with Mi Home which is the control center for all smart home devices from Xiaomi.

The application allows for much more than just setting any color or darkening. One of my favorite options are ready-made scenes. We can imitate sunrises and sunsets. When we enable the sunrise scene, the 15 minute lamp will "smoothly" change from red, through gentle pink to ending with daylight. Personally, I have set the sunrise to "begin" 5 minutes before the alarm clock sound. Sleepy women getting up at 12 will be able to say they got up at sunrise. Yeelight programmers have defined many other interesting scenes, for example "romantic" where the color "wavers" between pink and purple, or Movie where the lamp shines with a delicate, blue light.

Light for the party


Xiaomi also thought about the homes, when we turn on Music Mode the lamp uses the microphone on the smartphone and begins to change color to the rhythm of the music. One lamp will not give too much effect, but when we create a group with Yeelight bulbs and an LED strip, starting Music Mode already guarantees the right lighting for play.

Perfect for a children's room

When a child needs light to fall asleep, the product with the Mi logo will also work very well, we can darken to a very delicate light and set the timer to turn off for any number of minutes. We can of course also turn off "manually" by smartphone.

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Connection to Smart Home devices from Xiaomi

If we already have a Xiaomi device, we can interact with the bedside lamp. I have a programmed scene called Xbox. When I run the scene this is connected to the extension cord to which the TV and console are connected. Then the light of the night light and the LED strip in the room start the Movie scene, and the window curtain moves down. Another scene where I have programmed this connection with the motion sensor under the bed. When the motion sensor detects movement at night, it will give the signal to the lamp to light up.

Integration with Bluetooth Low Energy devices

In 2018, Xiaomi focuses on Bluetooth LE devices, what is it about? Recently, Xiaomi presented a thermometer that only has Bluetooth communication technology, so it consumes little power and is battery-powered, the Wi-Fi module is much more power-hungry. The use of Bluetooth Low Energy allows you to communicate with the thermometer using Bluetooth with the Yeelight night light which is powered from the 230V network socket and has Wi-Fi. What does it give? Thanks to this, we can stick the thermometer anywhere near the lamp and will also communicate via Wi-Fi with the entire Xiaomi ecosystem via the bedside lamp. Simple and yet brilliant.

And what defects has Xiaomi Bedside Lamp WiFi?

The device has one small defect, the power supply is terminated with a Chinese plug and it is necessary to use an adapter. Besides lack, buy. Only you should pay attention to accidentally not buy the first version that does not have Wi-Fi only bluetooth, it is a huge loss. How to distinguish? The new version has a gold bottom, old silver.

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The text originally appeared in the February issue iMagazine .

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