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Soon a new update to Mi Banda, will introduce a strength training mode.

In two days, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 armband goes to official sale in Spain, perhaps also to Poland. I am browsing the social media of the Polish branch, but at the moment there is no information about distribution in Poland. However, I have much more important information for you about Mi Banda.

Soon a new update to Mi Banda

Soon a new update to Mi Banda

Mi Band will soon receive another update and then functionality will be added which I have been waiting for a long time. The strength training monitoring mode will be introduced! Information on the new mode has been noticed on the Weibo social networking site and I do not know more details at this moment. Only the icon depicting a man with a barbell has been presented.

I do not have Mi Band 3 anymore, I am currently using a quartz watch from Xiaomi however, the new mode may make me return to the armband. Then I will be able to see how it will deal with the new function.

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If you want to buy the Mi Band 3 armband, I recommend the shop GearbestI have never had major problems with it.