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In 2019, Xiaomi certainly will not present a new model from the Mi Note and Mi Max series

On the Chinese social networking site Weibo, CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun referred to rumors about smartphones in the series Mi Note and Mi Max. As you have read in the title, Xiaomi will not refresh the models mentioned earlier this year. It is not known if they will ever be refreshed ...

Lei Jun explained that the trends in the smartphone market have changed and the features offered by Mi Note or Mi Max are irrelevant to a larger group of users.

I understand the decision with Mi Note as much as possible. Smartphones Mi or Redmi will definitely fill the hole, but what about the big brother? Currently in the portfolio of Redmi and Xiaomi there is no smartphone with such a large screen and a battery that will be able to fill the gap after Mi Max. Fans of big smartphones are doomed to buy the Mi Max 3 or look for alternatives from another manufacturer.

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