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Improved version of the Xiaomi car recorder.

Xiaomi Mijia

We travel more and more. Sometimes it happens that something unexpected may happen to us on the road. Now is the opportunity to not miss us. Introducing the new Xiaomi Mijia car camera.

Xiaomi car recorder

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Small compact dimensions - 8 cm on 5 cm on 2 cm - and the weight of 90 gram are its asset. The preview will be checked on the 2,7 inch touch screen. With Sony's lens with F1.8 brightness with 160 degrees of visibility, we will record our videos in Full HD with sound. Charging as standard from the socket of our car cigarette lighter because the battery has only 240 mAh capacity. Record on Micro SD cards for 32 GB. We also have Wi-Fi so that we can check our recordings through a dedicated application on the phone - we no longer need to remove the Micro SD card. In addition, the gravity sensor will save our recording automatically in the event of a road incident and protect it against deletion. The camcorder also has the option of loop recording. It also has the option of recording parking events. The operating system is in English.
The Xiaomi car recorder is now available for purchase in the store Gearbest for 74.99 USD.

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