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This is not the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, it's the new Vivo smartphone

We yesterday's entry I informed about the photo that can reveal the conceptual look of the new "frameless" Xiaomi, the fourth model of the Mi Mix series. I want to correct this information and the leaks turned out to be untrue. The photo presents a new smartphone from Vivo. The device interface was deceptively similar to the MIUI overlay from Xiaomi, hence the mistake.

This is not Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

This is not Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

The network has a short video showing the appearance of the device from Vivo, I like. There is nothing wrong with it that would not work out well, I will track availability and how will the opportunity buy it and check what Vivo has to offer.

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Online stores are already available other models Vivo, can any of you have? I am happy to learn how impressions from the use of smartphones of this brand, as well as software.

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