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The new update introduces two significant changes to Xiaomi Mi TV

There is no perfect company, each makes mistakes. In the case of Xiaomi, in my opinion, the big mistake was placing ads in its own applications, such as Mi Fit. The application looks very good when it is "clean", I have spoken positively about it many times.

Placing ads in applications where I pay for a product annoys me and this is bad practice in my opinion. Since I pay for the product, I would like to be "free from ads".

Sample advertisement in the Mi Fit application

Own applications are not the only place where Xiaomi decided to make money on ads. People in China who bought Xiaomi Mi TV every time they turned on the TV instead of the logo, they saw 15 a second advertisement of Xiaomi products or other external companies.

And I complain about the advertisement in Mi Fit ... Fortunately, Xiaomi has gone to his head and in the new update Mi TV replaced the initial ads with graphics with the slogan "Innovation for everyone".

The second major change is the ability to connect a webcam and video calls. A video connection is possible between the smartphone and the TV as well as the TV and the TV.

Video call on Mi TV

Xiaomi clearly feels pressure from Huawei, Honor TV was recently presented. The new player on the market forces Xiaomi to work on his product to maintain the position of sales leader.

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