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Xiaomi hair dryer, like all this.

Xiaomi hair dryer

My current hair dryer for mortals, because not Xiaomi, has changed the application. Ideally suited to the lighting of the grill, and hence no longer suitable for hair. Smells / smells like a briquette, there are different tastes and gushes. In total, this function has already lost, I invested in a gas grill last season. I definitely recommend it! Much greater convenience for grilling, no need to worry about the temperature. Let's get back to the Xiaomi hair dryer.

Traditionally, as with most entries on Xiaomi products, you need to appreciate the way of packing, the dryer has also been elegantly packed.

In the set, apart from the dryer itself, there is only an information card in Chinese.

Xiaomi boasts that the device is perfect to take with you on the trip, due to folding handle. I do not know about China, but in Poland, most hotel rooms have a hair dryer as standard. Also, the average argument. The nozzle is detachable, holds on magnets, can be rotated vertically / horizontally or completely without a nozzle. The device has a Chinese plug, you have to apply the adapter or to cut and change.

Xiaomi hair dryer, some kind of emeking?

Of course! The dryer releases negative ions. What is this?

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What is most interesting is that negative ions in the air prolong the lives of small animals in which respiratory diseases have been induced Google

Girl, do you have a hamster who has problems with the airways? Buy a Xiaomi dryer, it will live longer! Additional benefits related to negative ions? They can improve hair loss problems, reduce frizz and make them more elastic and elastic.

The quality of workmanship is good, the plastic does not crack at a stronger suppression. And besides, it is an ordinary dryer that does not differ from the competition. It has a power switch and the ability to switch between warm and cold air. Power? 1600W. If someone needs a new dryer, I recommend buying a product from Xiaomi, it will work very well. If you want to have everything from Xiaomi, I also recommend buying.

Hair dryer Xiaomi, check the lowest price.