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The special edition of Mi 3 is limited to 500 pieces per week

The most-anticipated smartphone this year from Xiaomi or Mi Mix 3 is available in three variants. The weakest model has 6 GB RAM, the more powerful model has 8 GB RAM, and the Collector's Edition Forbidden Palace is equipped with 10 GB RAM. Xiaomi announced that the sale of the strongest version is limited to 500 pieces per week, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Palace smartphone was priced in the Chinese market at 4999 yuan, $ 738.

Special edition Mi Mix 3

The special edition of Mi 3 is limited to 500 pieces per week

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Forbidden Palaca outside 10 GB RAM offers a unique blue color that is inspired by ceramic vases of the Chinese Dynasty. That's why the smartphone's casing is made of ceramics, it is difficult to scratch it, but if it hits something it can be uninteresting. Behind the gold sign is also the image of a mythical creature, similar to a lion. The whole Mi Mix series is already a premium, that's why the collector's edition is packaged extremely carefully, inside there is a case for a smartphone with an even larger image of a mythical creature, and outside there is also a figurine covered with 24-gold. Just like in the standard Mi Mix 3, there is a charger for wireless charging in the box. Nothing different from cheaper models, plain white, but it's good that Xiaomi adds it, some producers forget about it.

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