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Soundbar Xiaomi, an alternative to home theater

Xiaomi Soundbar

I've been waiting for promotion for a few months Xiaomi wireless home theater. It is not enough that there are no promotions, even the Gearbest store does not send home cinema to Poland. Xiaomi presented for this new 7x cheaper, soundbar or a TV set that has to offer a better sound than the speakers built into the TV.

We usually place the TV in the center of the living room so it can not be disfigured. In the same way, the soundbar that is directly under it also has to enjoy the eye. The look of the Xiaomi product is minimalistic, simple. On the front there is a gray fabric material. The whole is surrounded by an elegant white frame. At the top there are buttons responsible for changing the sound source and increasing the volume.

Xiaomi Soundbar

For what is the most important in the soundbar, that is the sound is responsible Wang Fuyu, so ... I also say a lot of that name. You have 27 years of experience in audio design, so you know something. The Xiaomi wireless soundbar has 8 speakers, two of which are subwoofers. The total power of the set is 28W.

Not only Bluetooth

Xiaomi Soundbar

Soundbar supports Bluetooth in the 4.2 version, however, it is not the only option to connect the soundbar to the sound source. There are so many S / PDIF sockets, optical, X-segment and 3,5mm mini jacks. I have an installed Spotify app on my TV, but I used it only once - when I installed it. Maybe better sound quality will make me more eager to use. The Soundbar also works perfectly as a Bluetooth speaker for connection to a smartphone.

Xiaomi Soundbar - two mounting options

Xiaomi Soundbar

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The equipment can be successfully hung on the wall using the two wall plugs included in the set or placed on a chest of drawers under the TV. The set also includes a power supply and S / PDIF cable to connect to the TV to provide a stable signal. There is no remote control for the device, all changes to the sound source can only be made manually. So you have to go to the TV, I still remember the times when to change the channel you had to go and push the button, there were no pilots yet.

Xiaomi Soundbar

Xiaomi soundbar is sold in China at 399 yuan, $ 64. It is already available for order in the Banggood store, but the price is much higher. When it appears around $ 100, I take it.

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