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Skipping rope with "smart" functions from Yunmai

I like an active lifestyle, one of my favorite companies on the Xiaomi sales platform called Youpin is the Yunmai brand. They offer products that help and encourage healthy lifestyles. It was recently presented smart stress balland now an intelligent skipping rope is on sale.

Yunmai rope

The intelligent skipping rope Yunmai has an ergonomic handle which, according to the manufacturer, will not slip even during very hard training when the hands are sweaty. A battery charged to 100% is enough for 150 days of jumping, it takes two hours to fully charge via the micro USB socket. The skipping rope weighs 139g and the rope length is 3 meters.

Time for smart functions. The skipping rope connects to the smartphone application using Bluetooth version 4.0. In the application you can view the length of training, the number of jumps made and the approximate number of calories burned. The skipping rope does not measure your heart rate, so the number of calories burned is calculated by an algorithm based on the time and number of jumps. In the application you can also set goals, e.g. 5000 jumps or 30 minute training session. After completing the task you will feel the vibration of the handle. The number of jumps made can also be checked without the need for a smartphone, the skipping rope has a display that shows the number of jumps in real time.

The intelligent Yunmai skipping rope has been priced in China at 129 yuan, $ 18 and is now available for purchase at AliExpress.. I have an earlier model of skipping rope from Yunmai, without a smart function but with a load and works very well.

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