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Xiaomi running shoes - perfect for everyday use.

xiaomi shoes

Smart running shoes Xiaomi, another smart lifestyle product. In theory, they were supposed to be used for running, once I ran in them, and then I had attention, neck pain (?). I was such a runner, so they did not have too much running with me, but we had already been together over 300km.

Shoes reach in a traditional "shoe" box, without any revelations.

amazfit shoes

amazfit shoes

"Intelligence" of shoes

After pulling out of the box, the shoe is an information card and an intelligent chip that measures our steps. It is powered by CR2032 battery, I recommend to synchronize shoes with the Mi Fit application from time to time, because we do not receive information if the battery is close to discharging and our steps are not recorded, so I lost less than a month of data.

xiaomi shoes

Place the intelligent chip in the sole, pull out the insert and set in a special box. We can put in the right or left shoe, the choice depends on us. In the application, we determine in which shoe the chip is located. It is imperceptible, does not interfere with walking, it is not possible to distinguish in which boot is found.

xiaomi running shoes

xiaomi running shoes

amazfit xiaomi shoesBuamazfit xiaomi shoesyou pair with the phone in the MiFit application, you can have only one pair connected at the same time. If anyone wants more, just pull the chip from one and place it in the other. Honestly, I was hoping for more features in the application. The only thing we can see is the overall distance traveled, and the steps and kilometers within individual days. Xiaomi gives you how much you have burned in the day of kcal and how much you saved fuel. I do not like the fact that "footsteps" do not count towards my day at MiFit, where I have 5tys set to steps per day and are only considered for the watch / band. As for the function of smart shoes, I was counting on a virtual trainer who will analyze our run and give advice. Functions "from the couch to the marathon runner" in which shoes will choose us how much we have to run every day kilometers to build fitness. Unfortunately, none of this, apparently not yet.

Convenience, durability.

The shoes that I use from 7 months are black, I've been ordering to order another pair. Why? Because the shoes are very comfortable, for me much more convenient than New Balance or Nike, Adidas. It does not serve me to run, they are perfect for every day. That's why I ordered the gray color you see in the pictures. Black after passing over 313km, this is indicated by the application + kilometers when the battery was discharged, they are in very good condition. Nothing gets out, it does not tear. Everything is fine, except that it got a little dirty.

I also noticed other logos on the chip, but all options remain exactly the same. Huami (old - black), Amazfit (new - gray).



If you are looking for comfortable shoes on a daily basis, I recommend it the most. The most comfortable "sneakers" I had. Current price for Xiaomi shoes it's less than 160 PLN, in my opinion a much better choice than NB or Nike.

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