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RedmiTV? CEO Redmi Lu Weibing publishes a meaningful entry at Weibo

The vast majority of people in the world are still waiting for the official debut of Xiaomi TVs in their country, while CEO Redmi publishes a meaningful entry on the Chinese social network Weibo. Lu Weibing asked fans whether they expect RedmiTV and what the upcoming TV should be.

Redmi is more than just smartphones, the offer is getting richer. A few days ago, two powerbanki with capacities 10 000 mAh and 20 000 mAh were presented. Previously, the Xiaomi submarka presented the washing machine, therefore expanding the offer with a television set would be a natural evolution. The only question is whether Redmi will decide to present an ultrathin style TV Mi Mural TVbut at an even lower price? That would be a selling hit. If K20 Pro with the Snapdragon 855 processor went on sale, maybe it will "copy" the Mural? I'm with you!

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