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Kuo report: iPhone with FaceID and TouchID under the screen in 2021 year

Ming-Chi Kuo published a report in which he predicts that Apple will restore fingerprint recognition on iPhones since 2021. The analyst anticipates launching an Apple smartphone with Face ID and Touch ID under the screen.

According to Kuo, many technical obstacles will be resolved over the next 18 months, which will allow Apple to introduce new technologies at the highest level.

TF Securities analyst sees face and fingerprint recognition as complementary and believes that Apple will want to unify user experience related to it. Apple has patents regarding the fingerprint scanner, which suggests that the Cupertino company still hopes in this technology, especially when it comes to its integration in the display. There is no question of returning the Home button.

However, current technological challenges to launching fingerprint-under-display components include power consumption, size of the sensing area, thickness of the sensing module, and the production yield rate of the lamination process.

Kuo believes that the problems will be resolved next year at the latest, which will allow designing phones for 2021 year.

Apple will probably use the variant of Qualcomm technology. The fingerprint scanner will be ultrasonic and probably placed under the entire display, which will allow convenient scanning.

The analyst claims that Apple Watch could in the future get a fingerprint reader in the display, which is more likely than placing components responsible for FaceID in it. Kuo does not confirm any work on this solution or when it could be available.

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