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Kuo report: Apple Watch Series 5 will be presented in autumn

Japan Display will provide OLED displays for the new Apple Watch Series 5, which is expected to debut this fall, probably along with new iPhones. Ming-Chi Kuo analyst makes such predictions.

Kuo, who works for TF International Securities, in a note published in Chinese media says that Japan Display will gradually increase its share in orders for OLED displays for Apple Watch. They will start with 15-20 percentage of orders in 2019 year and 70-80 percent in 2021 year.

Kuo also says that Apple will also gradually increase the supply of LG OLED panels from iPhones. The Chinese manufacturer BOE is also indicated as an additional supplier in order to diversify the supply chain.

At the moment, it is not known exactly what the Apple Watch Series 5 will be. About it did not leak as much information as about the new Apple smartphones. Although the Series 4 has brought a breath of freshness and a new design, I'm curious what style will be next in the case of the Apple smart watch. Perhaps something taken from the new iPad Pro?

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