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Generation Intel 10 processors in refreshed RedmiBook 14 laptops

During yesterday's conference, besides presenting your first one TV. Redmi has also refreshed the RedmiBook laptop with an 14 inch screen size. The new model is equipped with Intel 10 processors of the generation which are characterized by an increase in performance by 13% compared to the previous model. All offered models have on board 8 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card GeForce NVIDIA MX250 with 2 GB of RAM GDDR5.

Redmi declares that their new RedmiBook 14 will be able to work 10 hours on battery, and thanks to the use of a more powerful processor and graphics card will cope with less demanding games. Everything was closed in a metal housing in two colors: pink and dark gray.

The prices are as follows:

RedmiBook 14 with Intel i5 + 8 GB RAM + 256 GB SSD costs 3999 yuan, $ 560
RedmiBook 14 with Intel i5 + 8 GB RAM + 512 GB SSD costs 4499 yuan, $ 630
RedmiBook 14 with Intel i7 + 8 GB RAM + 512 GB SSD costs 3999 yuan, $ 699

Redmi Book 14

Unfortunately, just like Redmi TV, there is no official information on the global sale of new Redmi laptops. You will need to order on your own from China. Advance sales started yesterday, and they will soon appear in stores offering shipping outside of China.

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