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Xiaomi wallet - is this a disease?

IMG_0071Xiaomi is not only smartphones and electronics, it's also all kinds of everyday products. The portfolio of the Chinese giant is really long: wallets, umbrellas, combs, cutlery, pans, jackets, softs and even underwear and it's really only a small part of the "lifestyle" products that Xiaomi sells. My old wallet is already cracked, so I decided to buy a new one. Why Xiaomi? I wanted a product that is really made of leather, and not just the name on the Allegro auction. Is the wallet also of the highest quality like smartphones with the Mi logo?

xiaomi wallet brown

What kind of wallet was I looking for?

The basic conditions are that I wanted him to be made of real leather. It had at least four card slots, and there was a registration document from the car. I was also looking for something elegant and minimalist at the same time. The Xiaomi wallet met these conditions. I was not sure if one of them would get a registration card, but I had no way of checking it out. I ordered, at the most I would give someone a gift, the holidays are approaching. 🙂 It's made of cowhide. You can choose from two black colors, which is also black in the middle or dark brown, which is already bright inside. I did not like brown version at all, only black.


Xiaomi wallet reached me in a small, black box. In the middle there is a portfolio in elegant white paper, like the Wittchen brand products for which fierce duels of gladiators of the 21st century are fought in the arena known as Lidl.



Returning to the wallet, the first impressions after grasping - it's softness, it's made of real leather for really good quality. Until now, I had a wallet with Zara, it was also made of leather, but it gave the impression that it was a different material. With Xiaomi, the opposite is true. Real cattle from this wallet.



The Xiaomi Wallet has no coin pockets. For some, this may be a reason to cross it. For me it is a plus, thanks to it is thinner. Excellent quality, time for the most important, will there be a registration certificate ?!

IMG_0075xiaomi wallet black

It fits in at the contact point, maybe it could be a few mm longer so that it does not protrude, but it is fine - no problem the wallet folds. Xiaomi well in agreement with our government designed the size of the wallet. 🙂


Xiaomi wallet in my opinion, a very good quality product, as befits Xiaomi - not only smartphones portafią product. It costs under PLN 100 and is worth the money. If you're looking for a new wallet and you do not need coin pockets, do not take anything. Xiaomi fans will definitely be happy with such a gift under the Christmas tree. I advise you to hurry because packages from China have recently been slowly arriving ...

He reviews gallantry .. it's time to leave electronics and become Kasia Tusk 🙂

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