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Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner - Review

xiaomi vacuum cleaner

I remember a childhood tale from the Jetsons, it flew on Sunday morning on Polish television. She presented a surreal world in which heroes had domestic work for help. Instead of cars, they had "planes" that made up the suitcase. After twenty years, we still do not have any planes that make up the suitcase, but the work is slowly beginning to enter our lives. All-available robots do not relieve us of all activities, but some duties may be like vacuuming. My favorite Chinese manufacturer - Xiaomi offers an intelligent vacuum cleaner, Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner. Is it worth spending over a thousand zlotys on it? Will it help us keep cleanliness in the apartment?

Why I chose Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner and not another? For me, the most important thing is that I want to have all Xiaomi products in one application, which allows me the Mi Home application because I can connect other devices such as Smart Switch to vacuum the vacuum cleaner starting from home and simultaneously alarm or set shortcut on the phone's desktop and with one click turn on the vacuum cleaner. There is just a rush of self-propelled vacuum cleaners in various price ranges depending on the needs of their service and the wealth of the wallet. Vacuums from the ILIFE series are cheaper and, for example, IROBOT ROOMBA more expensive. I think that the price for 1,8 thousand PLN (price in Poland) this vacuum cleaner is close to the solutions of the more expensive ROOMBY even in its top version or about 4,5 thousand PLN and according to me is better because the solutions used in it to scan and clean, intelligence (?! ) are at the highest level. Xiaomi has edge sensors so it will not fall down stairs or other surfaces. It has a total of 12 embedded various sensors.

xiaomi vacuum cleaner

The Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) scans the room in 360 up to 1800 times per second to make a room map. Four processors (Cortex-A7 1,2GHz) track device movements in real time, and the use of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) implementation makes the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner calculates the most effective way to clean the room.

Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi came to me in a substitute carton, in the middle of nothing lacked. The set is a vacuum cleaner, base, cleaning device - a small white object and manual in Chinese and a plug adapter.

The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. high efficiency air particle filter.

xiaomi vacuum cleaner
Docking Station

Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner:
Width 34,5 cm
Height 9,5 cm

- suction, sweeping - suction power (PA): 1800pa
- own loading,
- working time: around 2,5h,
- battery type: Li-ion 5200mAh,
- product weight: 3,8kg.
- Work volume around 65 dB.

The vacuum cleaner, after removing several sheets of instructions, was ready to work. One was at the switch and the other at the dirt container. We begin to pair. We enable the Mi Home application. Now, on the upper housing of the vacuum cleaner, press the on button and wait until the application shows a new product. After a while it is already added to our list of products. And here is the inconvenience. The vacuum cleaner application is in Chinese but there is a way for it to be in English. You need to have ROOT on your phone and replace the 5370.apk file. If anyone is interested, please comment and then I will describe how to change the file.

After switching on the application, information about the update pops up - a red dot as with other updates of the Xiaomi products in Mi Home. Note - we carry out the update and we can do it only in the connected base for electricity and in it our vacuum cleaner - I devoted some time until I came up after for "China" did not want to update, helped me then Google Translator in the version of listening.

This is how the main desktop looks like when you turn on the vacuum cleaner application - here just after the vacuum cleaner's work - the map. It is shown on a regular basis - the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner does not put it in the memory, it always creates it anew.

I added an English translation at home. If you have in Chinese, you can see what the button is for.

There is information on the blue background from the left:

  • the number of meters cleaned,
  • battery status,
  • work time

The following options are available below at the bottom from the left:

  • CHARGE - if it is highlighted then we force it to return to the base,
  • CLEAN - we clean,
  • STANDARD, MUTE, FULL POWER - options for the vacuum cleaner

At the top three dots are settings, and in them:

  • specification of working hours,
  • option to work not to work at certain times,
  • Extra work speed,
  • Notifications - they are in Chinese even when we have an app in EN,
  • charging history,
  • the wear status of parts,
  • remote !!!! - it works but only if we are in the home wifi - but as the waiter serving drinks - you can control forward, left and right, then Spot - work in a circle, Sweep - sweep and Return - turn off the remote (also arrow back).
  • instruction films,
  • settings - name, update firmware, create a shortcut etc.
  • robot's location - screams in Chinese !!!
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner
Part wear status
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner
History of cleaning up
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner
Extra work speed
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner
Option - do not block
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner
Work hours
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner
Mi Home Vacuum Cleaner

On the first day of work I encountered problems at work - such as tangling, dirty brushes, and not being able to work. I enclose photos in EN to show how it will happen to someone and what they mean.

The robot enters the carpets. I am tall with brown-dark hair and ecru - there is no problem with it. On my carpet even when there is no strength to drive on one part of the carpet to vacuum it, it trips around from a different side and tries to reach the place where he had a problem.

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Vacuum cleaner users report that they do not want to vacuum on black carpets, I do not have black ones and unfortunately I could not check it. Remember that moving the vacuum cleaner to another room will not return to the base itself, because it scans the cleaning space again without recognizing the location of the base.

For me, the largest cleaning test took place in total on 120 -140 meters (11 rooms) and at the end at 19% of the battery I had to connect it to the base because I did not want to work. It was a length test because I moved it to rooms that do not need regular cleaning every few days. Normally, the battery will be enough for 50 - 80 meters depending on the mode in which it will work.

We place the vacuum cleaner base in such a place that the vacuum cleaner can easily access it. I
I wanted to set it in the corner of the room next to the curtains but it turned out that the curtain was a problem for him because he wanted to avoid it and found no base and the curiosity is that with the same vacuuming in the place where there are curtains no problem.

I found him a place under the cupboard. The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner needs about 10 - 15 cm on the sides so that it can "turn around" and scan the surroundings. I also bought the Virtual Wall from Xiaomi because it's under the decoder and other equipment cabinets, I have many cables and every time I cleaned it, it got tangled up. The cost of the Wall is approximately PLN XNUM in Poland. From China, the price is around 45-15 USD. It is a magnetic 20 tape, quite heavy, it can be cut into smaller pieces. With her, we get 2 double-sided tapes to glue it. It works with me. The vacuum cleaner bypasses this place. Photo with a carpet.

Now the most important thing is how a vacuum cleaner deals with cleaning. I did not know that there was so much dirt in the house. We are 4 people and a cat. The vacuum cleaner container fills up quickly and the brush quickly becomes dirty. Getting rid of waste is a trifle. Click and we already have a container in hand. Clean the brush with the attached device. The object has a knife on one side and it "cuts" hair and other clogs and on the other hand we have a comb like a comb which from the bottom to the top we remove other dirt found on the hair of the brush.

Movie from work:


The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner turned out to be a shot at 10. I was cleaning very well and I expected it from him. This is my first vacuum cleaner but I was not disappointed. In my opinion, a good product for good money. I bought through AliExpress. for 335 USD. Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner is not available in Poland in official sales and you have to buy through Chinese intermediaries. In addition, I purchased exchangeable accessories such as HEPA filter, main and side brushes. Set 2 x side brush, 1 x main, 2 x Hepa filter for about 27-30 USD on Aliexpress.


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