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Oclean X unpacking

I got an Oclean X toothbrush, it is the world's first toothbrush with a touch screen. I've tested all Oclean brand brushes: SE, One and Air. The differences between them are marginal. Oclean One is heavier due to the larger battery and longer work on a single charge. Air works less on a single charge, and consequently is lighter, which can make a difference when traveling.

All three previous Oclean models were for "one hoof", only Oclean X is somewhat groundbreaking. It has a colorful, touch screen. The second, in my opinion, a more important novelty is a wall bracket with a built-in charger. There is only one small problem, you have to come up with a clever way to hide the wire which should be fed with an induction brush holder.

In the set with the Oclean X brush we get: a wall bracket with a charger (on the back, double-sided tape 3M, to glue the tile holder), instruction manual, cable to connect the charger and one tip. If you have a stock of tips from older models at home and you plan to buy an Oclean X, I have good news. Tips from Oclean SE, One, Air match X version.

The Oclean X combines with the Oclean app like all previous versions. An iOS and Android version is available. It is necessary to immediately update the brush to the latest version of the software, significantly improves the operation of the touch panel, better responds to the movements of the finger.

From the panel, you can select the program, time and brushing force. The current time is also displayed .. and the weather should be displayed (20 ° C sunshine), this is the renderer on the box. Unfortunately, it does not work for me, it is not possible to configure the weather from the Oclean application and the touch panel. There is no such option at all! Has someone managed? Someone did it?

The Oclean X has a built-in gyroscope and pressure sensor that evaluates how we brushed teeth. After each washing, the display shows how exactly we brushed, the jaw is divided into four parts and each part has an individual rating expressed as a percentage. This morning, my upper, right part of the jaw received only 13% ...

A few weeks ago from Oclean X, I am curious if the display turns out to be practical in everyday use. If he was displaying the weather, I would have a better chance 😉

I received the brush for testing from the store, here you can order. This is an affiliate link, ordering from it you support the development of the site.


Today for the first time I loaded the Oclean X brush and I have to write a correction. The Oclean X does not charge when hanging in the holder. Remove it and push the level into the holder.

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