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Oclean X is probably the world's first touchscreen brush

Oclean is a brand that creates sonic toothbrushes, and thanks to the Oclean SE and Oclean One models it is already well known to Xiaomi fans. In my opinion, it is Oclean that has the best sonic toothbrushes in the Xiaomi ecosystem. I have been using Oclean One for a long time and I am very happy.

Oclean brushes have a dedicated application for smartphones which I used two, maybe three times. The first time I chose a brushing program that seemed right to me, and then twice as much as the update came out. That's all, I do not see the need to check how much I brush my teeth, the more I do not believe in the algorithm that evaluates my cleaning accuracy.

Oclean X is a brush that has a built-in touch screen known from the Xiaomi Mijia Hey + band, which is the same as Mi Band 3 but it is colored. On the touch screen you will be able to check the time, weather and less useful information like time and "rating" brushing. You can also choose a brushing program, but how many people will be able to use it? I'm not sure.

Oclean x

Continuous connection to the phone to update the weather will affect the non-use of time on one charge. Therefore, in the new model the manufacturer changed the charging method, from now on the magnetic contacts are on the backs and a special "holder" should be used. The Oclean X brush is powered by a built-in 800 mAh battery. Charging from 0 to 100% takes 2 hours, and the battery life time according to the manufacturer is 30 days.

According to the manufacturer, the new toothbrush is able to monitor the position of the brush and even the pressure exerted on the teeth and gums. All information is processed and sent to the mobile application. The application will also notify you when it will be necessary to change the tip. The Oclean X speed is 40 000 revolutions per minute.

In the new model, I like the possibility of attaching a magnetic holder to the wall and constantly loading the brush. Unfortunately, it shortens the life of the built-in cell.

Oclean x in China costs 249 yuan, $ 36. I am skeptical about the new version, but I decided to check if the display is useful in everyday use.

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