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Oclean SE Sonic [unpacking]


Oclean SE Sonic This is my third electric toothbrush from Xiaomi. The first one was SOOCARE X3, after a few months it stopped turning on. I think the paste "went into" the button and damaged it. The brush I currently use is Sonic Electric Toothbrushit has a rubber cover on the button and it works so far without any problems. The first toothbrush only had a Chinese interface, I did not synchronize the second one with the application. I would like to check the news from Xiaomi and have ordered another Oclean SE Sonic.

The first thing that is noticeable at Oclean SE Sonic is a lot more weight to the traders, the packaging method is also a bit different. In my opinion, with a better end result.

The brush arrives in a plastic transparent package.

The box must be "disarmed" from the top and bottom. There is a toothbrush at the top and a docking station and instruction manual at the bottom.

The magnet used in the docking station holds the brush very much, there is no problem with the contacts. The docking station is terminated with a USB plug, I do not know who designed it. The use of a metal, silver tip in my opinion does not fit the whole, more suited to white.

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oclean ifTime to connect with the brush

The application is Oclean, we can download from the Play store and App store. I do not recommend to scan the QR code from the packaging, it moves to the Chinese version of the application. If we enter it manually, we'll get it in the search engine with the English interface.

At Oclean, we will need to create an account. The application will ask us to provide some information about our teeth and the way of life. Choose the right plan for optimal teeth cleaning. I've had Standard Whitening, there are a lot of plans, up to twelve. My 150 takes seconds, 30 seconds is cleaning each of the four sides of the lip, and the last 30 seconds is a massage. Defined as a gentle, in my opinion it was quite strong. Okay, the first washing up for me is time to see how it went.

As you can see below quite well, 98 points on 100 possible. For now I am happy with the purchase Oclean SE Sonic, the first impressions are the most positive. Presents nicer than Sonic Eletric, "on paper" also has better "guts". I wonder how it will work with time. Oclean SE Sonic

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